Gökyüzü: Meat Feast Extraordinaire



Rating: 9/10

Address: 26-27 Grand Parade
Green Lanes, London, N4 1LG

Tube: Harringay Green Lanes (Overground) 5 min walk; Turnpike Lane (Piccadilly) 10 min walk

Hours: check the website for latest update

Food: £7-12 Drink: £2-4

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By James Tremain

Places in London you expect to queue for: the Eye; the Ivy (for about 6 months); any club you arrive at any later than half 9…it’s a long list. A Turkish restaurant in North London is not one of them.

At half 6 on a Sunday evening, the queue to Gökyüzü is almost out the door; a half hour minimum wait means you might want to book if you’re planning on visiting this exquisite place in Harringay.

Fresh and Filling

It’s just as well that the food they do bring is sensational. Being a group of hungry boys, we ordered the Jumbo Mixed Platter. At just under £10 a head, there was enough meat here to make sure we all left full and happy.

They’re cruel, these restaurateurs. You wait for your table right by where they make the food. It’s a pretty genius move because by the time you sit down they could serve you any old crap and you’d happily eat it.

All the meat is freshly cooked to order, and you can taste it. If you’re not in a large group, small meals are still substantial, and at £6.50 are affordable even for students. You’ll only need to spend over £10 for food if you have more than one stomach. Bottled beers are only £3 and glasses of wine are no more than £4.50 each.

Popular in North London and beyond

Such was the demand for the traditional Turkish dessert baklava that they had run out by the time we got there – but this wasn’t a huge problem given the amount we’d eaten.

It’s blasphemous to talk about a restaurant in England without mentioning the coffee. Turkish coffee is different, bitter but sweetened and also delicious. And be warned, there’s less coffee in these cups then there is coffee sand at the bottom.

Gökyüzüdoes do vegetarian options but honestly, why would you bother? This place is for people that like to eat meat and even better for those that like to eat a lot of it.

A popular restaurant with a lively atmosphere, it’s impossible to argue with the prices – especially given the quality of the food.