The Green Man calls all football fans to Wembley


Rating: 8/10

Address: Dagmar Avenue, Wembley Middlesex HA9 8DF

Tube: Wembley Park (Metropolitan & Jubilee)

Hours: Mon-Sat: 11:00–24:00;
Sun: 12:00-22:30

Food: £6-10

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By Lei He

From the name, you can tell it’s an old traditional English pub. It’s part of the ‘Green Men’ (pub chain), but it’s different. Located in Wembley, it has become ‘home’ to many football fans. 

All in one

Isolated at the top of a hill, The Green Man pub and hotel is not easy to find, but is worth discovering. There, you’ll find everything you’d want in a pub: beer, delicious food and live sports. But what really sets it apart is its own, unique charm.

The combination of bar, restaurant, hotel and beer garden offers an experience you cannot find in central London pubs.

Enjoy a fantastic view of Wembley – both the area and the stadium - from the lush beer garden on the side of the main building. On match days, this half-acre space gets especially crowded as loads of fans gather for barbecuing, dining and drinking.

Another great feature of this lively venue is itscosy hotel. Located right next to the main pub building, it is available to any customers. No need to worry about parking either as the car park area is quite spacious.

Old pub, fresh atmosphere

The pub dates back to the 17th century and changed its name several times before settling on The Green Man in 1785. A fire in 1906 led to the building being redesigned in an Edwardian style. It was actually this beautiful exterior design that attracted me towards the pub.

Numerous black-and-white photos of football players and teams hang on the inside walls of the pub – a tribute to the splendid history of English football and Wembley, the spiritual birthplace of ‘the beautiful game’. 

A friendly atmosphere greets you from the moment you step into the establishment. Lots of cheerful conversations, with sips of beer in between. During the match: a deafening silence, as all eyes are glued to the numerous plasmas scattered around the pub.  

As I made my way out after the match, two guys told me that they drive from central London to the Green Man twice a month just for the delicious food and the lively football banter of the clientele.

All of this in one pub! Fancy going?

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