Eccentric shopping: vintage clothes in Hampstead



Rating: 6/10

Address: Mr. Pink’s Vintage clothing shop. 333 Westend Lane. West Hampstead, London

Tube: West Hampstead (Jubilee)
5 minutes by foot

Hours: Mon–Sun 09:30–20:00

Price: £2-60, overall cheap though


By Daria Dergacheva

An accidental find, this little shop in West Hampstead (owned by Mr. Pink, a Londoner of Iranian descent) is another curious detail of London beyond zone one.

Little vintage handbags, strange shoes and unusual evening dresses are on sale here, as well as a number of jackets, skirts and accessories. 

Some of them are not in good condition, but here and there one might find something eccentrically attractive. It doesn’t look exceptionally nice from the outside, but has a bit of a strange charm inside.  

The shop smells of Eastern aromas, the kind that you might find in Bangkok when going into these dark and utterly irresistible street shops just minutes from the touristic area of Khao San road.

Except it’s not Bangkok, it's North London.

Also in London interviewed Mr. Pink about his shop:

Mr. Pink, how long has your shop been running?
We have actually just set it up three months ago. It was a pet shop before but we converted it into a second-hand clothes shop.

(Local residents have noticed the Pet Shop transformation into a vintage clothing shop )

Who are your customers?
The customers are local people, who visit us frequently.  They like the price range, which is reasonable, and some things are unique.

And where do you originally come from?
I’ve been living in London for the last 25 years. I don’t think I have any other country apart from the UK to call home.  But my mother was of Iranian descent.

What did you do before you set up the shop?
I did all kinds of things. I was a chauffeur on limousines for weddings once. 

After a bit of thinking, Mr. Pink adds: “I also helped my friend, who is a designer, to set up his shows. All kinds of things, really.”

We can’t guarantee that this is true, but the shop does feature a few curious items that are worth checking out. I bought a bracelet for £4, which looks a bit like my grandmothers’ jewellery.

Some things are obviously too worn out to buy, but others are in a decent condition, and they do look rather eccentric and different. The wide selection makes this shop a worthwhile place to check out when you are in North London.

Mr. Pink might even ask if you'd like some tea and a chat about these old days when he was a... limousine driver? Fashion show assistant? We don't know, but surely it doesn't matter much in a city where experiences, backgrounds and races have long melted into a combination beyond recognition.

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