I’m a writer, freelance journalist, traveler, surfer, musician and songwriter among other things, from San Diego, California.

In 2008, after receiving a BA from Cal State San Marcos in San Diego, I spent two years working as a financial advisor.

It was one of the best things I ever did because I discovered exactly what I don't want out of life. I discovered that I need something that the financial world cannot offer me.

Because of that, I have spent the last three years traveling and living abroad. I studied briefly in Florence, Italy and went on to teach English in Barcelona, Spain and Daejeon, South Korea.

Because of those opportunities, I've been privaleged to have some wonderful experiences in some very interesting cultures and have been fortunate enough to travel to some astonishing places.

But I'm still hungry. I want to see and experience more.

In 2013, I received an MA in International Journalism from the University of Westminster, London with a focus on travel and online journalism.

I'm hoping my education and past experiences will help me blend my love of travel, music, surfing and creativity.


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