Also in London was a group project created as part of my masters. It is an alternative guide to the the UK's capital city that gives reviews and write-ups on things to do and places to go outside of London's central zone. I served as editor and lead designer on the site. We launched in March 2013.


Master of London is a Wordpress blog I started in September 2012. It can be used as a guide for tourists but also includes some odd write-ups about living in London and adapting to a new culture.


Gavin Teacher was a Tumblr blog that began in March 2011 when I signed a contract to teach English in South Korea for a year. The focus of the blog was humor and being an outsider in Korea provided plenty of moments of being lost in translation. I write about experiences in and out of the classroom and the frequent culture shock that occured during that year.

In addition to this site, here are a few links to some of my most recent works.

Included is a group project from my masters program where I served as editor & designer, as well as two blogs I've maintained in the past from experiences abroad.