I have learned key styllistic and practical elements throughout my Masters course, which have improved my writing for the web.

These are some of my sample works from my web portfolio. These range from columns to features to profiles and are focused mostly on sport.

Some of my work from the Masters course is included. I was the sub-editor of two different websites, Westminster News Online and Also in London, for which I was also a coder.

I find my writing flows best when I am able to voice my opinion.

Sports Portfolio

Brazil's Legacy for World Cup 2014?

Power Structure in Brazilian Football

Match Report: Tottenham vs. Arsenal

Profile on Ron Tuffel, Basketball coach

Top Ten Brazilians Set for Europe

Also in London

Raizes Brazilian Restaurant

The Alexandra Pub

Westminster News Online

Westminster Alumni involved in scandal?

Feature on Horse Meat Scandal

Portuguese Content

'Soap Operas' in Sport