Quick and punchy at Venn Street Market





Rating: 6/10

Address: Venn Street, Clapham,
London SW4 0AT

Tube: Clapham Common

Hours: Sat only (10:00-16:00)

Price: Free

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By Gavin Barnes

There are multiple reasons to visit Clapham’s Venn Street Market. The vendors all bring their own product, which is high in quality and low in price. It’s just across the street from the Clapham Common tube and in close proximity to a number of other restaurants, cafés, and pubs. We like all of these things.

However - London is absolutely full of farmers markets just like this. So if there is something closer to you, it is advised that you seek it out.

Don’t expect a Borough market if you come to Venn Street. This market is meant for shopping, with the added option to indulge in a few tasty delights should the smokey smells of grilled chorizo and BBQ’d hog entice you. And they most likely will. 

Although it is devoted to food, one could visit every stall in about eight minutes, which would be a difficult task to accomplish at Borough market. 

Venn Street is small. Maybe less than 60 metres from start to finish with the stalls forming a row down the middle of the street. 

But this is not the kind of place to take up an afternoon like a Portobello or Borough market will - it’s not that kind of market. 

Organic delicacies

Venn Street Market is a great place to stock up on some organic produce for the week or to pick up some cheese or a loaf of fresh bread. But once the shopping is done there is not much to keep you hanging around. 

And that’s OK providing you know that before going because the food you will find here is top-notch. 

As you enter the market, two fruit and veg traders greet you with fresh picked produce. Then, passing by the other green-topped tents, cheesemongers, fishmongers, bakers and butchers keep you entertained with the traditional free sample of their product.

You quickly find that one side of the market has come to an end when you encounter thick pieces of a large rotisserie hog being served up in warm rolls by Moen & Sons.

If you’re experiencing even a small appetite, take a chance on some of this succulent pig. You won’t regret it.

Making your way back up the other side you can indulge in a little dessert or pick up some organic wine to kick off your Saturday evening before reaching Clapham Road again.

If you need a cold beer and some relaxation after your quick market experience, check out The Calf just around the corner, up Old Town road. Quality brews, comfy seats and good TVs.

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