Everyman – a cinematic treat in Maida Vale



Rating: 9/10

Address: 215 Sutherland Avenue,
Maida Vale, London, W9 1RU

Tube: Maida Vale (Bakerloo), 4 mins walk

Hours: Check the screning time on website


Official Website

By Daria Dergacheva

There are people chatting at small tables in semi-darkness. They’re happily laughing, eating pitta bread, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese. They’re listening to lounge music in the background. Is this a pub? A club? No, it’s one of the independent Everyman cinemas – this one in Maida Vale.

This is what their waiting area looks like, and it is indeed more like a place to socialize with friends than a standard cinema lounge. 

There are at least five Everyman cinemasin London, but I haven't seen anything like this in Russia, and while watching a movie, was even desperately calculating how much it would cost to open one.  Too much, unfortunately. 

Screening space

In Maida Vale, the Everyman cinema offers two screens, both of which are quite small, but with an enormous amount of leg room (well, at least for my short legs!). 

Instead of the usual seats, there are soft red sofas for two. One problem with these though: I kept sliding to the middle of it. Awkward if you end up sitting next to a stranger, but luckily I went with my husband, and he didn't mind too much. There are a few single armchairs for those not in a couple, but not many of them.

Food and drink at Everyman cinema Mailda Vale

Snacks in the bar tend to be quite upmarket, with things like funghi pizza with a mix of oyster and shitaki mushrooms, or hummus with fresh bread, to name a few.  You can't take the food inside screens, but drinks and popcorn are allowed, and when we ordered water, the bar staff gave it to us in a real glass, with ice and lemon.


There are Q&A sessions, blockbusters, art house, theatre broadcasts: the programme in the Everyman cinema is quite mixed. When we went, there were two Hollywood movies on offer in the Maida Vale branch, but according to the official website, this is not always the case.

Audience and prices

Clients tend to be extremely well-behaved couples and groups of friends - most of them over 30, but we went on a late Friday evening and the film was a rather serious one, so maybe younger residents of Maida Vale have better things to do on a Friday. 

However, tickets are £14.50, and there are no concessions, so this is more of a treat than a regular cinema outing.

There is a membership scheme - a standard London membership is £55/year, and includes discounts on tickets (£1), food and drinks. And for £600, there is the option to go to an Everyman cinema for free at any time on any day for an entire year, should you wish.

I bet that this last membership option would be sold out in a few days in Russia. Perhaps there is a point to thinking about opening an Everyman cinemain Siberian towns after all…

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